Luv 2 Luv stuff times ExtravaGANZa

WW is having a celebration this weekend, and so is the site! Anyone who becomes a member on April 26, 27, or 28 gets a SPECIAL SURPRISE BENEFIT! They will be invited to an ELITE PARTY on April 29th at my webkinz house. Of cource, during the weekend in party room 12 I am hosting an “Open House” party. To find out how to become a member FOR FREE, look at the post below this one.

When becoming a member, no personal info will be given to me, except for your webkinz account name so I can be your friend


I’d also like to remind you of our SPRING CONTEST, the find-a-flower contest. Flowers ore hidden in the site, in posts and pages, if you find them all, you will win a prize! A free supply of food!


There’s gonna be even more things coming! Check back Tomorrow !


April 27, 2008. Webkinz.

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  1. qwertyuiop17 replied:

    hey admin recheck ur spelling!

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