Webkinz Storiez





by Elephante VanCyce




My name is Cilantro Cicoga, and I am a treasure hunter. A WEBKINZ treasure hunter, and when I found out that Arte is missing some of his Curios, I took action. I had to find them, and since Arte was my good friend, I couldn’t let him down. Whoever took those Curios was gonna pay.



Chapter 1


The Hunt Begins



“Carabiner?” asked Jhonna, Cilantro’s assistant.

“Check.” he replied.

“We’re good to go!”Jhonna replied.Cilantro stared into the distance at the Today’s Activities building in Kinz City.

“We’re stopping by Kinz City first.” Cilantro said. Jhonna looked confused.

“Wha-wha-why?” she said quietly.

“Because there is a commotion,” Cilantro said, pointing to a large crowd in front of the building. “See there? Maybe it’s tied to the robbery in the Curio Shop.” Jhonna rolled her eyes.

“Latelly everything’s been tied to the robbery.” she replied. Cilantro was halfway out the barn door. It wasn’t really a barn, it was more like a spy headquarters, only for treasure hunting. Jhonna ran to catch up with Cilantro. They dodged the water trough for the cows, who were busy somewhere elce (being Webkinz) along with the pigs. Cilantro got into the old truck and Jhonna followed.

“So here’s the deal.” Cilantro explained to Jhonna, who was going to ask what they were going to do besides visit Today’s Activities. “We visit Today’s Activities, visit Arte, pick up a Newzpaper, and then head off to the Emplayment Office.”

“Cool.” Jhonna agreed. Finally they got on Kinz Road.

“Hmm, no parking spaces.” Cilantro mumbled. “Jhonna, can you go get some info? I’ll wait here.” Jhonna timidly nodded. She got out of the truck and pushed her way through the crowd. There was a police dog at the entrance.

“IDed pets only.”the dog instructed. Jhonna dug out her ID card certifying that she was allowed in. Police dogs and treasure hunters were connected, so she and Cilantro had ID cards. Jhonna shoved her way in, hoping that she wouldn’t drop her card.




Jhonna typed in her ID number into the touch-screen Today’s Activities monitor and pressed the arrow icon on the “20 kinz cash” bar. A reciept printed out, which was strange because not many activities did that, including kinz cash.


Ask the cat, or the little laughing dog….one thing’s for sure, you should make some space to find it.



The reciept looked hand-written, and Jhonna took it to the customer support desk where a young black and white cat was working.

“What is this?” Jhonna asked. The cat shrugged.

“Nobody’s sure, but we think it might be connected with the recent Curio Shop robbery. We think it’s a clue.” the cat replied. Jhonna ran out to the truck.

“CILANTRO! LOOK AT THIS!”she yelled.



  1. kressie647 replied:

    That’s a good story… when your next one?

  2. Administrator :) replied:

    I’ll complete it soon!

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