Webkinz 10,000 Kinz cash complete list of clues so far


Ad clue: Fruit Is good (note pineapple shown, see clue 6 below)

 Contest Criteria

(note these are my guesses, they may not be right)

Exact Location:

How many steps to left and right:3 steps to right, four steps to left

Equipment: Pineapple lamp,(note w-shop description- Shed some light on a difficult problem)

Three pieces of clothing: work boots, jeans,

(note both on wheel of wow, Worker boots’ W-shop description is Wow the workers with these stylish and multi-functional boots and Jeans’ W-shop description is Jeans are everyone’s favorite clothing, they go well with everything)

Snack for you:Sunny Ice cakes

Treat to stop the opponent:chocolate bar

Friend to take along:Webkinz World the Cheeky Dog


From elubin.com

Clue (four KinzCash):  Go forth and figure it out!
Clue (three KinzCash):  Three rights don’t make a wrong.
Clue (six KinzCash):  I’ve said it six times, don’t get left behind.
Clue (nine KinzCash):  Ad it up and you’ll find a clue.
Clue (Pineapple):  Don’t you think pineapples make most days brighter?
Clue (eight KinzCash):  Let me level with you, this shouldn’t be two hard.
Clue (Sunflower Seeds):  A delicious treat for someone to eat!
Clue:  Four the last time, cave in and play!
Clue (Ice Cream Cone):  If it’s a sunny day, don’t get in a flap – share some ice cream!
Clue (Cupcake):  In combination with other things this cupcake is even tastier!
Clue:  Hope you get all 3 right!
Clue (6 KinzCash):  I’ve said it 6 times. Don’t get left behind.
Clue (Chocolate Bar):  Gotta keep your energy up on this crazy search!
Clue (twenty-five KinzCash):  Give your brain a tap. Do it in a snap. Hope you find a…
(elubin note: map?)
Clue (Toy Digger):  Get it right and you never know what you’ll dig up.
Clue (six KinzCash):  So important that it was featured… yesterday.

very helpful. click here for a printable version


  1. 3. From hourly events – “Three rights don’t make a wrong.” (changed) [Anyone else notice every day lately there are three super rares in the Curio Shop? And that certainly is good, not wrong!]
  2. 4. From hourly events – “Go Forth and Figure it out. “[Which was found to lead to this we think]
  3. From hourly events – “I’ve said it six times.”
  4. From hourly events – “Let me level with you. This shouldn’t be two hard.”
  5. From hourly events – “Ad it up and you’ll find a clue.”
  6. Pineapple – “Don’t you think pineapples make most days brighter?” [All of a sudden, the pineapple lamp is available in the W shop and the description is ‘Shed some light on a difficult problem.’]
  7. Sunflower Seeds – “A delicious treat for someone to eat!” [if you click for the free sunflower seeds that day, you got choco cake instead. For what it is worth – sunflower seeds + ice cream cone+ cupcakes =sunny ice cakes which have been showing up on the site in ads in various places lately.]←Hey, um, I didn’t see the sunny ice cakes anywhere on any ads in Webkinz World, If you have, tell me where
  8. From hourly events, 4pm Monday clue – “Four the last time, cave in and play!” [cave = mines?]
  9. Ice Cream Cone – “If it’s a sunny day, don’t get in a flap – share some ice cream!” [there is a free ice cream cone today, think you’ll get something else instead? Let us know.
  10. Cupcake – “In combination with other things this cupcake is even tastier!” [see sunflower seeds clue above]



Today’s suspicious things

Click here for 50 Kinzcash Missed it, did it have a clue? Tell me by commenting!

Kids’ Stove 30% off (description:cook up something sweet and fun on this colorful stove sweet and fun = sunny ice cakes?)

Click here for 6 kinz cash So importanant that it was featured yesterday

Click here for free toy digger Missed it! was there a clue, if so, please tell me!


Past Suspicions-answers needed

  • Hope you get all three right didn’t do it, tell me what it was plaese

  • Webkinz World is the record setter for all games exept the game of the day. Maybe the Cheeky Dog is who you take along with you!


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