Willing to Trade

Many of you don’t want to trade a fridge for an outfit, so here are the items I am trading:

  1. Good Fairy t-shirt

  2. Bad Fairy T-shirt














Blue=Item only available through charms


September 10, 2007. Trade Me!. Leave a comment.

Are YOU Willing to trade these items?

  • Any Refrigerator
  • Any stove
  • Hovercraft
  • Any Bathtub

Trade and Recieve A Special Gift! One of these Outfit packs!

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Trade Instructions:

  1. Add KittyCatMeowPrincess to your friend list

  2. Send any of the listed items to me via KinzPost

  3. Within a week you will have on of these Outfit packs

  4. Be prepared to get deleted off of KittyCatMeowPrincess‘ Friend list


:mrgreen: If you do not recieve an outfit in a week you will recieve two outfits! :mrgreen:

September 2, 2007. Trade Me!. Leave a comment.