1. Haunted Garden glitch

  • You’re garden is bare with no sprouts, just dirt and an occasional zig-zagged line.
  • When you inspect the dirt, it says “Good growing” not “weed” or “water”
  • When you leave to a different room or to somewhere else in WW and come back, the dirt is still there, plants are gone.
  • Solved? YES!
  • 2.  Jellybean challenge glitch

    • Oh no! the jellybeans are floating!
    • Hey there’s none!
    • Zero isn’t the answer.
    • Fixed? Yes!




    (left to right: Yummy, Goody, Baddy)


    Sorry, internet explorer bombed on me when I had a huge list of glitches. They had a glitch. I am tired, and i will work more on this later. Until then, Admin 🙂





    1. Anonymous replied:


    2. nate replied:

      this is a wierd website

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