Luv2Luv Familie!

The luv2Luv Family is called the Luv2Luv familie, and consists of my kinz! My friends and I also share a Panda named Ping-Ping. One of the friends is Natalie, and her site is this:



But the Luv2Luv familie is this:


But soon there will be a NEW member:



That’s right, Dmitri, a girl…




A retired Raccoon that I have been saving since January will be activated on May 27th!


Another possability will be Cikie the Samoyed Dog and Harmony the WHimsy Dragon, MAYBE….


So, there will be


10 Kinz on May 27th!

So there will be an ELECTION!

THe winner will be the leader of the house!

AND and ongoing story is going to begin…..NOW!




Webkinz Misadventures:

Chronicle 2

Meet the New Crew



                      Once upon a time in a Kinz House on Kinz Street, there lived Snickers the Alley cat. It was a small house, one room, but when Snickers bought an outdoor yard, that all changed. Snickers had a passion for skateboarding.


                      A few months later, a black cat arrived. By then, the house was bigger. Her name was Salem. She had a passion for decorating rooms.


                     IN December, Three more kinz arrived, a lil’ Grey & White cat named Claire, a Bullfrog named Lucas, and an Elephant named Elephante. CLaire loved ballet, Lucas’ real name was Lucas Grabeel, so he loved to sing, dance and act, and Elephante enjoyed cooking.


                     Later, in late March, a fluffy Himilayan cat named Cammy arrived. Cammy was a beautiful cat, and she generally loved to enter beauty pageants.

                      Not-so-later on April 26th, a Clydesdale Horse came named Crimson. Crimson loved being active and playing outside.




Snickers: Dum-dee-dum just skateboarding along…

Salem: Hey Snick!

Snickers: Hey Salem!

Crimson: [Looking up from magazine] Why don’t you play outside?

Snickers: It’s cloudy.

Crimson: So? It’s not raining…

Snickers: [ignoring Crimson’s pleads] Whatcha doin, Sal?

Salem: Nothin much, just planning my next room.

Snickers: Cool, what is it?

Salem: A family garden!

Snickers:[Looking over Salem’s shoulder at plans] looks expensive!

Salem: [laughs] it will be!

Elephante: [runs in] great news!

Everyone: WHat?

Elephate: A new kinz is coming! A raccoon named Dmitri!

Crimson: Doesn’t Steve have a crush on her? {Steve is a raccoon that lives next door}

Elephante: [nodds]

Lucas: Cool, there’ll be 8 of us!

Claire: 2 less than regulation amount for a leader!

Cammy: and if Harmony and Cikie come…




will there be ten kinz? Find out next time!


May 17, 2008. Webkinz.

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