New Glitch Technique!

I made these awesome characters that represent glitches! First is the Common Bad Glitch

Some of his most famous works are the Zombie Glitch and the Jellybean Glitch.


Next is the uncommon Good Glitch. Some of his most famous glitches are double coupons and My Pets.


Finally is the newly discovered, Rare Yummy Glitch. This new glitch is only known for its Poodle Puzzle glitch.



Webkinz World hates these gltiches, good or bad, so never fear if a baddy hits your account! If you happen to spot a good glitch, take advantage of it, because they have less defence. Yummy Glitches are very rare so immeadiatly take advantage of them! If you discover any glitches, comment our “Glitch” page, and I will check to make sure it is real.


April 1, 2008. Webkinz.

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