This contest will be a webkinz story contest, hosted by Elephante!

Elephante: Hullo everyone! I’m Elephante the elephant and I write the stories in the Webkinz Storiez page. I want to find some fellow writers, so what better way to do it than in contest form? Hmmm, first prize will be… an amethyst geode! 2nd… a green welcome baloon! And third… an ancient monkey mask! Yay! enter below please!



March 24, 2008. Webkinz.


  1. tennisplayer722 replied:

    There was once a bear named Zeek. He had a mom and a dad and a big brother named Tom. His big brother Tom played baseball and soccer, and Zeek played video games all day long. His big brother Tom told Zeek he needed to be more active but Zeek said, “Video games are fun, I don’t want to run around and get tired.” His big brother Tom said, “You have lots of fun when you play soccer because you get to kick a ball. If you don’t like to run a lot try baseball you get to swing a bat and run around the bases with rests in between.” Zeek decided that tomorrow he might try baseball, just to get his brother off his back. So the next day Zeek and his big brother Tom went to go play baseball. They had lots and lots of fun and Zeek even hit a home run! “Wow, i had no idea how much more fun baseball is than video games!” Zeek told his brother. His big brother Tom said, “I’m glad you found a healthy way to put more fun in your day.”. And on the way home Zeek asked his big brother Tom if they could come back and play tomorrow.

  2. Administrator :) replied:

    Wow, that story has a good message! Who knows, it could win… please put your Webkinz Username!


  3. tennisplayer722 replied:

    my webkinz username is tennisplayer722

  4. Administrator :) replied:

    OK, I feel stupid 😳
    Thanks for the entry!

  5. tennisplayer722 replied:

    when is the contest over?

  6. Administrator :) replied:

    The contest is over on April 20th, but if I don’t get more entries, you get first place.

  7. tennisplayer722 replied:

    sweet, then who gets 2nd and 3rd?

  8. Administrator :) replied:

    probably you, if no one else enters. If one other person enters, there is no third place.

  9. tennisplayer722 replied:

    did i win?

  10. Administrator :) replied:

    I guess so! Cool! Congrats! I will add you to my cell phone on Webkinz. I am KittyCatMeowPrincess.

  11. tennisplayer722 replied:

    ok we’re friends now

  12. Administrator :) replied:

    hmmm, somehow you’re not… I’ll try again

  13. Administrator :) replied:

    oh, nvm! you’re there! your prizes shall come soon!

  14. Administrator :) replied:

    would you like to become a member?

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