A home-grown glitch

We don’t mention glitches much here because for me they are rare to happen. When they do, it’s bad. You’ve geard of the zombie glitch, where your pets stand in bed, and the Testing123 glitch, when you pet’s best friend is TestColour1,2,3,4, etc. But here is a new one:


The Haunted Garden Glitch!


Details of this glitch are:

  1. You’re garden is bare with no sprouts, just dirt and an occasional zig-zagged line.
  2. When you inspect the dirt, it says “Good growing” not “weed” or “water”
  3. When you leave to a different room or to somewhere else in WW and come back, the dirt is still there, plants are gone.


Here is a picture of Lucas, my bullfrog, crying out “We’ve been robbed of our crops!” You can see the bare ground, once full of organtic plants.


I am keeping track of all the glitches in my “Glitch” page.


March 23, 2008. Webkinz.

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