What are wish coins for?

Many people have been pondering: What the heck is the point of this wish coin thing! I can’t sell it in the W shop and it just sits in my dock, taking up space!

The wish coin is classified as a coupon, so perhaps that means something. This is almost as tricky as Arte’s occasional scavenger hunts! Could Webkinz Insider have the answer? There’s some pretty good guesses:
For the past 3 days, ever since the Lil’ Kinz Pig became the Pet of the Month, wish tokens have been added to the Pet of the Month loot bags.  Ganz has been very secretive about these wish tokens and no one really knows what they’re for.  While we all know that we must wait for confirmation on what they might do, speculation abounds all over our forum.  Some believe that the coins will be used for an upcoming E-Store in Webkinz World.  Others think that they will count as extra wishes on the Wishing Well 2.  Still others think that the coins will allow you to pick an exclusive item of your choice.  Either way, it’s a very mysterious prize that has all of us wondering… What do you think they are for?


UPDATE: Webkinz insider has received notification from Ganz that we’ll all find out what the Wish Tokens do on Wednesday or Thursday of this week! In addition, they also told me that there will be more ways to get the Wish Tokens, and not just with the Pet of the Month!
My guess: Wish tokens will grant you a wish! Who knows…
UPDATE! For those of you who like to enter contests, I’ll have one soon! I just need some prizes first, I’m pretty low on kc 😥 CU soon!

March 3, 2008. Webkinz.

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