I’m hoping I’ll get 3 Webkinz for Christmas, at least. So, then, I’d have…

Woa! 16,212 kinz cash!

so, subtract 4950 to set up a garden ( )

and I’ll have 11,262


yes, that was random. if you have 5712 kinz cash, ( and note before Christmas and Christmads eve I will earn more ) and you get 3 Webkinz, you can do this and use this data. I think I’ll track my kc earning and spending more often!


December 18, 2007. Webkinz.


  1. cheekymonkie444 replied:

    this site is getting better but [no offense] is just a little bit on the bad side… …i dont see how you managed to get more visitors than me! just an excerpt of my opinion, delete it if you want. may i suggest you make like a webkinz story page and put some interactive stuff on here?:))

  2. ybf27 replied:

    Yeah, I totally agree. Nothing can top webkinz insider!

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