What’ll it be…

It’s time to play…


What’ll it be?

What’ll it be is when you guess what upcoming things in webkinz world will look like. To guess, simply comment. Make sure to include your userneme. NO PASSWORD for your safety. Whoever guesses correctly gets a prize! Let’s play!


  1. Is there a 100% off coupon? *If you have one, comment a picture!*

  2. What will the charm forest’s super prize be?

  3. bla1

  4. (sorry, numbering got messed up!) If there is, what will the cheeky raccoon look like?


December 7, 2007. Webkinz.


  1. 117moonbeam117 replied:

    the secret prize is a charm tiara/crown and that is for unlocking all the charms. you get a charm forest tree when you get all of the charms in real life and unlock their codes
    the cheeky raccoon will look cute, but kinda funny i think. cool blog

  2. kelseyswebkinz replied:

    I think the cheeky racoon is black cause i saw it on some website. I dont remember what its called though.

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