The Snick Shop

The Snick Shop is a shop in Snickers’ room, the clubhouse(plus and regular), and also via Kinz Post. Here are the items that Snickers has in stock:

Jack-o-side table Only Available through Oct. 30

Crystal Advisor Ball Only available throgugh Oct. 30

Cat Playground

Cat Street Sign RARE!

Green Desk Chair RARE!

Chef’s Hats Rare! Only five in stock, claim now!


FinFan Lamp- Atlantis theme

Abracadabra Candledabra-Wizard theme

Frosted Ice Floor Lamp

Solid Gold Record

Will Trade for:

Chef’s Hat

Funky Chair

Tutti Fruity Haedress

For pictures, click here:

Will trade for other things, too but I really want these!

Please, this is not a trading post. Trade with me and only me. To trade with others, go to Trade Me. Please give me your item first. You will not be deleted fom my friends list until I give you the item of your choise.

Example trade form:

Username: KittyCatMeowPrincess

Trading for: Cat Playground

Trading: Yellow Tank top

Then I will comment below you and tell you:


A: Accepted. Please trade item after added to KittyCatMeowPrincess’s friend list.




B: Declined. A yellow tank top is not enough for the cat playground. Use it to trade for clothes, or trade me an item.




Webkinz Alley Cat

Thanks for shopping at the Snick Store!



October 8, 2007. Webkinz.

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