A Tamagotchi… online!


The best part is, you can have i t on while sufing the web!


May 1, 2007. Webkinz.


  1. Tine replied:

    hey ho

  2. caitie replied:


  3. yoyo replied:


  4. stephanie replied:

    I love tamagochis

  5. stephanie replied:

    I have tamagochis

  6. stephanie replied:


  7. stephanie replied:

    stchi mametchi jtchi gtchi

  8. stephanie replied:


  9. stephanie replied:


  10. Brooke replied:

    what r we talking abot?????????????:)

  11. george replied:

    dude, you talk to mush, steph!

  12. george replied:

    anyone here???

  13. Misty Waterflower replied:

    Cool site.
    Everyone in the whole WORLD knows Pokemon is better.
    Rock on,

  14. tita replied:

    ola a mi me gustan los tamagochis

  15. tita replied:

    jajajajaja tontos a los q les gustan tamagochis porq a mi no ajaj XD

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