The World of tamagotchi!

Yep, tamagotchi has done it again, no, not version 5, but TamaP3! Take a look!

Don’t you want one now? It’s a tamagotchi and a MP3 combined! I don’t know if they’re released in the US just yet, I’m guessing they’ll be out next year.  So start saving! It costs $115! Got that much? Can’t wait? Hope you know Japanese, cuz you can buy it here: Bandai Tamagotchi Music Fever: $115 – Buy Online

Yep, this is so cool! I’m saving up too, so pleze comment on where to buy it cheapest, or if it’s in the US and I don’t know.

Hey! Here’s another picture! I just think this thing is sooooo cool!

I’m looking at these pics and it only looks like the actual ” Tamagotchi ” part of it is in Japanese. See, cuz it says ” Track 1″ in English, the song that’s playing is a japanese song.

I’m livin’ the Tamagotchi life.. and let me tell you, it’s a good one! = )


April 30, 2007. Webkinz.

One Comment

  1. stargotchi replied:

    Please visit my website, it has lots of tama cheats!

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