Chapter 1

Name’s Virginia Clark, and I have always been interested in Ninja arts. Yeah. Ha-ha. But I really Have! One day I heard the doorbell ring. I answered it and saw a giant frog with akimono on sitting-er,floating-in front of me! “Virginia San,” it began. “I have come to take you to the magical world of Manicula. There, you will be trained as a ninja.” Looking around, I saw alot of my friends hanging out outside. I didn’t want them seeing me entering a “magical” land with a giant frog!

“Uh, you must have the wrong adress…” I said, closing the door. The frog stopped me, without touching the door.

“You don’t understand, Virginia San.” He began. “It’s you’re des-”

“Uh, buh-bye!” I inturrupted. I tried to close the door once more. I pushed with all my might until sweat started to run down my face. I looked like a cartoon! The frog opened the door allthe way and pulled me out, still only touching the sleeves of the kimono.

“Call me Sensai.”he said. Now he pulled me into a puple-ish, green-ish, blue hole. We were now both floating through a tunnel colored the same as the hole. I scrambled around for a foothold, while Sensai Floated with ease. I landed on the ground with a thump, and Sensai floated gracefully down.

“Where are we?” I asked

Continued April 18th,2007


April 11, 2007. Webkinz.

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