V4 Codes!!!!

All of the V4 shop codes (may work on V3 just try! ):

(please note, code are in the following order; Code=what it gives you=points needed to buy after first time entering in gp (gp=gotchi points))

1. BBCA CCCA= Pen= 15,000gp (found in US V4 instruction sheet)

2. ACAB ACAC= Steak= 1,400gp

3. BAAB ACBA= !! (clone)= 14,000gp

4. CCBA AABB= Honey (love potion)= 7,000gp

5. CAAA BACB= CD3= 0gp

~The last code you enter will not give you what the code is for! Instead, it will give you a RARE CELL PHONE. If you would still like to get the last item from the last code, you will have to re-enter the code and buy it. I recommend entering the code for “CD3” last because it is free!

How to enter shop codes? Quoting from the V4 instruction sheet:

Did you find a secret code?
At the shop counter screen, press (A).
Then, press (A) quickly three times. When
the shop owner’s face appears surprised, punch in
the secret code to reveal a new item.

[Note: A = left button, B = middle button, C = right button]


January 31, 2007. Webkinz.

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