January 4, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. natp11 replied:

    hi again it’s me u told me to leave comments so i am. u know it’s kind of weird to put the tamagotchi v4 annoncement out but not say anything maybe u can put some of the stuff that was in the article i gave u

    me again, natp11(natalie in case u don’t figure out who i am hint:i sit next to u in health)

  2. natp11 replied:

    hi i know 2nd comment as me but heres what callum has to say (callum is my little brother) ok here he is : What does the mimic game look like?

  3. ybf27 replied:

    Sorry, Ihavn’t answered that yet! Mimic looks like this:

    A Tama come on the right sidee of the screen and does something that you have to copy.

  4. cheekymonkie444 replied:

    yeah, ur site is a little quirky; all of your posts just have a title and say ignore and nothing really makes sense, not to be rude or anything

  5. ybf27 replied:

    sorry about the quirkyness, but seriously, you won’t see much of them anymore! So, yeah, uh, just kinda ignore the whole “Ignore these” sections, yeah well, thanks for visiting anyway!


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