5 Things You Didn’t Know About Pokemon

5. Pikachu should be Riachu by now, shouldn’t he? Well, it just so happens that if Pikachus don’t want to evolve, they don’t have to.

4. Ekans’ name spelled backwards is snake and Arbok’s is kobra.

3.Team Rocket’s Meowth is, to most people, the only Pokemon that can talk in the human language, but Meowth isn’t the only one! If you really know Pokemon, you’ll recall that in Pokemon The Movie 2000, Slowking talks like us, too!

2.When Poliwag evolves into Poliwhirl, the swirl on it’s stomach changes direction.

1. If Brock loves girls, how come he hasn’t hit on May yet? Are Ash and May secretly in love? The world may never know.. but now, here’s the last fact; keeping too many Grimer and Muk in one room can be hazardus, it can resolt in clogged drains!


November 14, 2006. Webkinz.

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