The Tama Quiz

ok, here’s wat you do. to see if you’re a true gotchi fan, you gotta take the quiz! so, this is easy if you know your tama stuff! (P.S. write answers down on paper, then type them as a comment)

1. what tamagotchi version is this?tama

a. v1

b. v2

c. v3

match the adult tama name to its baby tama gender

girl                                                                   Wooltchi





November 12, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. natp11 replied:

    y r u asking me i just got a v4 and i still dont know anything about gotchis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    me also natp11(another hint:my v4 glows in the dark.)

  2. tamafan21 replied:

    all boys

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