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Music Playlist at

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My Page Weird Glitch + Me ON Webkinzinsider

Look at this:

(click to enlarge)

I can’t edit My Page! At All!



I’m limecat275 on Webkinzinsider, so keep a look out!

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Luv 2 Luv Stuff Times Podcast Agency Opens

Here you can see the current project:


You can also see this under the ads.

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Do you like the Jonas Brothers?

If you do, and you want Jonas Blingees, visit to see my very own Jonas Blingees! CLick that link!

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Password for Big Jackpotz has changed.

THe password has changed and is no longer totaldramaisland22, the new one will be revealed next wednesday.

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Today’s Password

today’s password for big jackpotz is



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Over 10,000 Visits! +Webkinz WEdnesday

Thanks to all of you who made this possable, I never would’ve thought this many people would visit! Cool, this rocks! HEy, here’s some news for ya!

Webkinz Wednesday has arrived at the e-store. ON wednesdays you can buy the gray wolf for $12.50, and here at luv 2 luv stuff times we are holding a Webkinz Wednesday ourselves! Every wednesday you can enter to win a “big jackpot,” which in turn is a rare, exclusive or pet item. To do this, just go to the “big jackpotz” page, that only appears on wednesdays. COmment your webkinz username and you will be entered in the drawing. Each jackpot is available for one month. You can enter it tomorrow! The prize is a secret until tomorrow. Hope you like the big jackpot!



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Webkinz Misadventures – THEY’RE BACK!

I’m in the process of recreating the Webkinz Misadventures, written by character Gracy.

“I’m glad [ybf] is recreating my stories!” says Gracy. “I hope that the viewers like it!”

WEbkinz Misadventures was a story series that was supposed to come, but was delayed, and now is being recreated. Gracie is still the author, but most characters are different.

THe backround story is my webkinz wishlist!

It’s coming soon! Check back for updates!

Websites the adventures will be featured:

  1. here
  2. the awesome authors
  3. ybf central

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Sorry! +MyPage & more!

Sorry I didn’t write since FOREVER! I have a lot of catching up to do, but here is some news for you!


My Page arrived on webkinz and works on all accounts. Nope! Not on mine! I’d show you pictures, but My Page doesn’t work! I saw my friend’s though, it’s cool! You get to show the world how many pets you have, your high scores, your favorites and more! You can view other MPs too! I think WEbkinz has hit big with this!


Series 3 trading cards include an exclusive pet! THe Magical retriver!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I got these from another blog, and when I do that, you get added to the list of links, so it’s on there!


SO keep checking in! AND if you liked Luv 2 Luv, you’ll LOVE ybf central! It’s my central! Check it out at

see ya!

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Pokemon Idol

AMerican Idol is over and POKEMON IDOL is here! go to to see videos and more! There are TESTER videos available for download now, THESE ARE NOT THE REAL EPISODES!


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Webkinz e-Store- ITems and KC for real money

Personally, it is sort of cool, but the items are overpriced to me. $5.00 for an item! But there were pets available, but may never be available again! THey never were supposed to be available, and might not be for a LONG time. They were the mysterious GREY WOLF, the questionable LOVE KITTEN and the new and never-heard-of ORANGUTAN. You were also allowed to buy KC, but they took that off too.



-admin 🙂

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B-Day is coming!

Tues. is my B-day and I am PSYCHED! I am getting a raccoon from my friend Claire (thx CC!) that she has been saving since JANUARY! I want the Whimsy Dragon and Samoyed, but my parents won’t let me. WWGRD? (That’s “What Would Gary Roberts Do?”) I bet he would ask his friends for them. B-DAY PARTY! Of COURCE! Maybe I will get a whimsy and a Samoyed!


(My new avatar:      <a href=”” target=”_blank” title=”Make your own Glitter Graphics”><img alt=”I Heart Caspian” border=”0″ height=”127″ src=”” title=”I Heart Caspian” width=”132″ /></a><br /><a href=”” target=”_blank” title=”Make your own Glitter Graphics”><font size=”2″>Make your own Glitter Graphics</font></a><br /><br />

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Luv2Luv Familie!

The luv2Luv Family is called the Luv2Luv familie, and consists of my kinz! My friends and I also share a Panda named Ping-Ping. One of the friends is Natalie, and her site is this:



But the Luv2Luv familie is this:


But soon there will be a NEW member:



That’s right, Dmitri, a girl…




A retired Raccoon that I have been saving since January will be activated on May 27th!


Another possability will be Cikie the Samoyed Dog and Harmony the WHimsy Dragon, MAYBE….


So, there will be


10 Kinz on May 27th!

So there will be an ELECTION!

THe winner will be the leader of the house!

AND and ongoing story is going to begin…..NOW!




Webkinz Misadventures:

Chronicle 2

Meet the New Crew



                      Once upon a time in a Kinz House on Kinz Street, there lived Snickers the Alley cat. It was a small house, one room, but when Snickers bought an outdoor yard, that all changed. Snickers had a passion for skateboarding.


                      A few months later, a black cat arrived. By then, the house was bigger. Her name was Salem. She had a passion for decorating rooms.


                     IN December, Three more kinz arrived, a lil’ Grey & White cat named Claire, a Bullfrog named Lucas, and an Elephant named Elephante. CLaire loved ballet, Lucas’ real name was Lucas Grabeel, so he loved to sing, dance and act, and Elephante enjoyed cooking.


                     Later, in late March, a fluffy Himilayan cat named Cammy arrived. Cammy was a beautiful cat, and she generally loved to enter beauty pageants.

                      Not-so-later on April 26th, a Clydesdale Horse came named Crimson. Crimson loved being active and playing outside.




Snickers: Dum-dee-dum just skateboarding along…

Salem: Hey Snick!

Snickers: Hey Salem!

Crimson: [Looking up from magazine] Why don’t you play outside?

Snickers: It’s cloudy.

Crimson: So? It’s not raining…

Snickers: [ignoring Crimson’s pleads] Whatcha doin, Sal?

Salem: Nothin much, just planning my next room.

Snickers: Cool, what is it?

Salem: A family garden!

Snickers:[Looking over Salem’s shoulder at plans] looks expensive!

Salem: [laughs] it will be!

Elephante: [runs in] great news!

Everyone: WHat?

Elephate: A new kinz is coming! A raccoon named Dmitri!

Crimson: Doesn’t Steve have a crush on her? {Steve is a raccoon that lives next door}

Elephante: [nodds]

Lucas: Cool, there’ll be 8 of us!

Claire: 2 less than regulation amount for a leader!

Cammy: and if Harmony and Cikie come…




will there be ten kinz? Find out next time!

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One Theme to retire

Starting MOnday YOU get to vote on the newspaper which theme will go-Dog or Cat? Whichever theme gets the MOST votes GOES, so if you love one theme, don’t vote for it! Collect the theme now before they’re gone! (this costs A LOT because I had roughly 10,350 and was left with roughly 3,500 KC.)

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Introducing: Kinz-Kinz!

What is Kinz-Kinz? A special sheet to organize your wishlist!

Click here for Kinz-Kinz!



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The new Love monkey and the returning love frog


The super-fluffy snowman that looks almost identical to the duck and the returning reindeer


the first flying webkinz, the bat and the returning black cat



and also, Ganz is making seasonal ornaments! So you won’t have to go searching for which pets are featured in the ornaments, I’ll list them:

hippo, penguin, golden retriever, cocker spaniel, SAIMESE CAT (released in June) monkey, googles, black & white cat, reindeer, ??? (see below) yellow lab, panda, pink poodle, rabbit, frog, wacky, the snowman, beagle, brown araibian horse, retired raccoon, pig, seal, zingoz, and th epolar bear.



siamese cat


lemon-lime gecko:


striped snake:


pink googles:


and there is also the lil clydesdale, but we all know what THAT looks like! 😉


here are the virtuals:


thanks to WI for the pics!




WW mystery, a possable webkinz MOOSE?


Look at this ornament, it doesn’t look like a reindeer, but more like a… a… a MOOSE???

???? possably a July, August, October, or November or even December kinz!








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first, to enter the drawing for our grand prize, which is a MONTHS SUPPLY OF FOOD and THREE THINGS OF YOUR CHOICE FROM THE CONDO THEME, simply follow these steps:

  1. go to and look at the number shown
  2. make a comment with your webkinz username and the number
  3. On May 30th the winner will be drawn randomly.


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Luv 2 Luv stuff times ExtravaGANZa

WW is having a celebration this weekend, and so is the site! Anyone who becomes a member on April 26, 27, or 28 gets a SPECIAL SURPRISE BENEFIT! They will be invited to an ELITE PARTY on April 29th at my webkinz house. Of cource, during the weekend in party room 12 I am hosting an “Open House” party. To find out how to become a member FOR FREE, look at the post below this one.

When becoming a member, no personal info will be given to me, except for your webkinz account name so I can be your friend


I’d also like to remind you of our SPRING CONTEST, the find-a-flower contest. Flowers ore hidden in the site, in posts and pages, if you find them all, you will win a prize! A free supply of food!


There’s gonna be even more things coming! Check back Tomorrow !

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Elephante has a winner!

Congrats to tennisplayer722 for winning!

their entry was the only one, so thanks for entering! I am surprised because this was the first ever contest and someone entered! COOL! So, here is their entry:

There was once a bear named Zeek. He had a mom and a dad and a big brother named Tom. His big brother Tom played baseball and soccer, and Zeek played video games all day long. His big brother Tom told Zeek he needed to be more active but Zeek said, “Video games are fun, I don’t want to run around and get tired.” His big brother Tom said, “You have lots of fun when you play soccer because you get to kick a ball. If you don’t like to run a lot try baseball you get to swing a bat and run around the bases with rests in between.” Zeek decided that tomorrow he might try baseball, just to get his brother off his back. So the next day Zeek and his big brother Tom went to go play baseball. They had lots and lots of fun and Zeek even hit a home run! “Wow, i had no idea how much more fun baseball is than video games!” Zeek told his brother. His big brother Tom said, “I’m glad you found a healthy way to put more fun in your day.”. And on the way home Zeek asked his big brother Tom if they could come back and play tomorrow.

Awesome! tennis won an amythyst geode, a green welcome balloon, and an ancient monkey mask. Now here’s a new contest!






  1. first, YOU add me to your webkinz cell phone ( KittyCatMeowPrincess )
  2. You invite me over ( Dates and zones vary from person to person )
  3. I judge room, and take picture of room ( using keyboard key “PrtScn” )
  4. Contest over on May 30th

Of cource, there is a PRIZE!

There is only a first place, enter today!


Also, please become a member! There are currently no members!

Join the site!

This isn’t a forum, but I have figured out a way to join the site! Your username will be your webkinz username and here is how it will work:

  1. All members will be listed to the right, and you will comment your username on webkinz to this post.
  2. An “Activation gift” will be sent to the account.
  3. You comment what the gift was, and you’re in!
  4. Go to and click “GET A BLOG” but, when you click that, you have a choice. Click “Just a username please” and make it your Webkinz username
  5. There you have it! You’re signed up and can chat in our “Chat Page” and you get special gifts and are mentioned on our front page and every page…ALWAYS!



-admin 🙂

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